CDI Unit releases


Better error messages when API only jars are on classpath


Fixed issue with injecting generics

Added EJB support

Added Deltaspike support

Added JaxRS support


Fixed Java6 compatibility

Fixed Weld 1.x injection for HttpServletRequest, HttpSession and ServletContext


Added @AdditionalClasspaths for adding entire classpath entries to the deployment

Added @AdditionalPackages for adding entire packages to the deployment

Fixed Weld compatibility for HTTP* classes, should work with all versions of Weld now.

Provide fully featured HTTP* classes by default


Upgraded Weld to 2.1.0

Fixed Gradle not finding classes outside of test folder


Upgraded Weld to 2.0.4

Added test suite configuration for latest versions of Weld

Fixed Maven build to run unit tests for cdi-unit module.

Issue 36 Fixed scoping issues with context controller.


Upgraded Weld to 2.0.2

Added test suite. The following versions of Weld are tested with CDI-Unit via Travis:

  • 2.0.2.Final
  • 2.0.1.Final
  • 2.0.0.SP1
  • 2.0.0.Final
  • 1.1.13.Final
  • 1.1.12.Final

Issue 25 Gradle support

Issue 28 Allow mocks to override discovered beans

Issue 30 TestNg support

Issue 31 Better error messages for when API jars are on classpath

Issue 32 Easymock support


Fix Issue 18 Weld 2 compatibility

Fix Issue 21 Support Wicket enabled tests

Fix Issue 22 Bean manager ids should be unique

Fix Issue 19 Detect and add to discovered classes the class with @Produces methods

Fix Issue 20 Extensions not discovered if missing beans.xml


Fix Issue 15 context controller did not invalidate scopes.


Fix detection of beans.xml in web apps


Fix Issue 14 Only classes that are CDI enabled (have a beans.xml) will be automatically followed when working out the deployment.

Fix Issue 13 Sterotypes can now be added in @ActivatedAlternatives.


Fixed Issue 11 Test classes are now always in application scope even if you’re not developing a web app.

Fixed Issue 12 Circular dependency detection for tests fixed. This results in a nice speedup.


Fixed Issue 10 CDI-Unit is on maven central!

Removed dependency on Seam Solder (but still support BeanManagerLocator).

Improved DummyHttpServletRequest. Don’t user a producer method now, just specify it as an additional class.


Fixed Issue 8 Fixed activated alternatives


Fixed Issue 7 Shutdown of Weld container should always happen.

Fixed Issue 6 Added support for Seam BeanManagerLocator to enable testing of unmanaged classes that use CDI.


Fixed auto scoping of unit tests to ApplicationScope –


First fully documented release

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