CDI-Unit 2.0.6 released

CDI-Unit 2.0.6 has been released with a couple of small changes:

  • Only classes that are CDI enabled (have a beans.xml) will be automatically followed when working out the deployment.
  • Sterotypes can now be added in @ActivatedAlternatives.

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CDI-Unit 2.0.5 released

It’s nice to see people filing bugs, because that means I can fix them!

This release fixes an issue when testing non web based apps. All @Test classes should have automatically be placed in application scope, but due to a typo this wasn’t happening.

Also fixed is the discovery algorithm used to decide what is in the deployment. For my larger projects this has resulted in a noticeable speedup.

New release should be in maven central shortly.

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CDI-Unit deployed to maven central

So after a long break and a little prompting I finally did the work required to get CDI-Unit deployed to maven central. I hate referencing external repositories, so you probably do as well.

It was a little tricky, but not nearly as hard as I thought. Information that came in handy:

The only issue I has was that my credentials didn’t seem to work when uploading artifacts, so after a lot of checking and rechecking my config I eventually reset my password to something else and it all started working.

The artefact hasn’t appeared yet, but it is in Sonatype-Releases, so it should be there in a few hours.

Please note that the group ID has changed so you’ll need to change your dependency to:


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CDI-Unit 0.9.8 released

After having failed to get CDI-Unit released in two weeks, I have finally got round to adding some javadocs and doing another release. The user guide is also now fairly detailed, but could always do with some improvement.

The thing that got me in to gear was that some kind soul added a couple of issues to the bug tracker, the effect of knowing that someone is trying your code and finding issues creates a desire to fix things, after all it is my code that is on show.

Apart from javadocs the only other change is Weld 1.0.1 users will get a nice error message when trying to run a CDI-Unit test. Weld 1.0.1 did not contain the necessary extension points to enable CDI unit to function.


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